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Project Description

This project focuses on demonstrating C# examples to manage Word documents via Spire.Doc for .NET.

Spire.Doc for .NET, a professional .NET Word library specially designed for developers/programmers, enables to perform plenty of Word document processing tasks, including generating, reading, writing, saving, printing and converting documents on any .NET applications. The featured function, conversion allows converting Word documents (Word 97-2003, Word 2007, Word 2010 and Word 2013) to commonly used file format, such as RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF etc.

Spire.Doc for .NET Features:

  • No Microsoft Word Automation
  • Speed and Easy-to-Use
  • Batch of Great Functions
  • High Performance

Spire.Doc for .NET Illustration:


Free Trial:

Spire.Doc for .NET is a professional .NET Word component for commercial usage. For evaluating the functions listed blow, you can download Spire.Doc for .NET to have a free trial. Once the free trial is expired, you need to purchase if you have a plan to develop your applications with it.

Functions Realization in Examples:

Quick Guide

  • Editing: Edit paragraph in an existing document.
  • HelloWorld: Write text “Hello World” in a new generated document.

Find and Replace

  • FindAndHight: Find specified text in document and highlight it.
  • Replace: Replace found text with another text.


  • FontAndColor: Set font style and color.
  • Indent: Set paragraph indent
  • Styles: Set paragraph built-in styles.
  • Text: Set paragraph text formatting.


  • Bookmark: Insert bookmark in document.
  • Comments: Insert and format comments in document.
  • HeaderAndFooter: Insert and format header and footer in document.
  • Hyperlink: Insert different kinds of hyperlink in document.
  • Image: Insert image in document.
  • Table: Insert table and format it (Row, Column and Cells Formatting) in document.
  • Textbox: Insert textbox with arranged size in document.
  • Traversal: Extract all the images, including header and footer image, from document.
  • Watermark: Insert and format text watermark in document.


  • ToHtml: Convert Word document to HTML.
  • ToImage: Convert Word document to image (BMP format).
  • ToPDF: Convert Word document to PDF document.
  • ToRtf: Convert Word document to RTF document.
  • ToTiffImage: Convert Word document to Tiff image.
  • ToXML: Convert Word document to XML.
  • ToSVG: Convert Word document to SVG.


  • Decrypt: Decrypt Word document with known password.
  • Encrypt: Encrypt Word document with custom password.


  • MailMerge: Use mail merge function to generate a fax message.
  • MergeEventHandler: Perform mail merge function to generate several records.
  • NestedMailMerge: Execute mail merge function to generate order list connected with DataSet.


  • InsertBreak: Insert page break to start contents with new page in document
  • Merge: Merge multiple documents into one.


  • DocumentSetup: Set document properties, including document title, subject, author, company, category, keywords etc.
  • PageSetup: Execute page setups, including page size, margins, page orientation etc.


  • CreateFormField: Create a form with fields which can be filled in document.
  • FillFormField: Fill fields of generated form in document by connecting with xml file.


  • Macros: Read and open document with macros and remove macros.

Discussions and Support

Please leave the appreciated comments or discussions on this project here. Or, you can post the suggestions to add new feature or submit encountered bugs on Spire.Doc Forum. We will provide technical support for everyone. Also, Email contact is available.

In order to give customers a wonderful experience to use Spire.Doc for .NET examples, the following service will be provided:

  • Frequent Releases Updated
  • Free Technical Support (Forum Questions and Emails)
  • Live Chat with Support Member via Skype(iceblue-support)

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